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IdeaPlaces changes the way Evernote users interact with their notes by creating a whole new  experience around the context of places. The iOS app transforms each note with location data into a visual point on a map and all locations are automatically enhanced with the name of the place from Foursquare. In an instant, users have a new way to find and search notes. With a visual experience around this new context, users can now explore their notes based on where and when their they took place. Finding new use cases for Evernote or even finding a first one has never been easier.

With features like location-based reminders that interact with each place, we have set out to seamlessly make Evernote part of each users daily life.

The app also provides one of the fastest and context filled ways to create a note in Evernote available. Whenever you take a note, from any screen in the app, the context of your current location is automatically added to the note.  Along with being able to create notebooks and tags during the note creation process, we have added the ability to use your contact book and easily share notes by SMS or email.

The integration of a place for each note is just the first step towards creating a rich and context aware input for Evernote, something that will be extremely important for its future success. As screens become smaller and hardware such as digital watches, bio-sensing shirts, and fitness trackers become heavily used, the time to input memorable experiences will become drastically reduced and possibly even passive. This is the exact reason we have set out to conquer the addition of context. Instead of spending a minute to create a note, users will need a way to save context filled experiences with the least amount of manual input possible.

Built by two passionate wearable experts who understand the power of context. IdeaPlaces sets out enhance the Evernote experience and change the way people think about taking notes.

To explore the features and keep up to date with the progress please visit the Evernote discussion:


Release dates and promotion


Beta release - March 13, 2014   Public release – June 12, 2014

As an initial promotion the app will be free from Thursday June 12, 2014 and will be priced at $2.99 USD Monday June 16, 2014.

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