Use IdeaPlaces For House Hunting

IdeaPlaces is an awesome note taking app that allows you to take notes based on a specific location. For example, if you’re looking at different houses, you can mark each location on a map, and include information such as notes, photos, reminders, and more, which makes it really easy to refer back at the end of a busy day of looking at properties, all in a really nice map interface. And since it syncs up with Dropbox and Evernote, everything you use IdeaPlaces for can be kept in one convenient place – an awesome note taking app that allows you to take notes based on a specific location.

Posted on: 3rd June 2015 by Melissa Emond

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Facilitating the Joy of Discovery

The last you heard from me, I was telling you about how IdeaPlaces would have facilitated recalling and sharing my experiences with friends and family while travelling around Asia.  This got me thinking about the differences between the philosophy of the ‘plan it’ traveller versus that of the ‘wing it’ traveller. I wondered who might benefit more from IdeaPlaces – the ‘planner’ or the ‘winger’?

Initially, I thought the planner would benefit more. The ease with which you can create mapped notes prior to visiting a place allows you to not only map out your itinerary, but to also jot down questions you may want to ask, or details you don’t want to miss. While in Kuala Lumpur I had to revisit the Batu Caves simply because I missed the dark cave guided tour the first time around – argh!

However, I think the winger (which I consider myself to be) can also derive great benefit from this feature – maybe even more so. Part of the experience of travelling is meeting people and sharing insights. TripAdvisor is great but it doesn’t know all the secret spots locals do – the feeling of receiving those insights directly from those-in-the-know is priceless. With IdeaPlaces, pinning the location and noting the insights are done in the same step. Being able to note ‘take the staircase to the left for the best view’ or ‘order the egg dosa southern-style’ right then and there is invaluable.

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Discovering, through whatever means you prefer, is one of the main reasons we break from our routines and see the world. Anything that makes that process easier and better, like IdeaPlaces does, is something I welcome with open arms.

How IdeaPlaces Could Have Changed my Last Trip… and Will the Next One


I’m not one for regrets, particularly when I’ve just been blessed with the opportunity to work and travel across Asia. Being somewhat of an aspirational amateur photographer, I think that I have made a permanent thumbprint on the corner of my phone touchscreen which has the Camera app icon. So while my Instagram account allowed me to showcase highlights for friends throughout the trip, unfortunately, my personal note-taking started with a bang and quickly dulled to a whimper.


I wanted to keep a travel diary, and set aside time at the end of each day to do so but this quickly became tedious. Instead, I decided to focus on taking pictures and relying on the photos as my mental trigger. The trouble here is that the default Camera app allows you to capture moments, not ideas. With IdeaPlaces though, you can take that same picture directly from the app and immediately add notes to it. ‘What are the secret ingredients in that amazing curry? How long did it take to build this gorgeous temple?’ Convenient, easy, and effective.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s good to know that on my next trip I’ll be adding a few dozen more to mine and making sure all that all my ideas and valuable knowledge from my guides is not lost. Regret-free travel (and noted curry recipes), here I come.